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Test Tube Warmer

LEC Instruments has developed a range of stand-alone test tube warmers with built-in heaters and temperature controller.

Our range of stand-alone test tube warmers are made from solid blocks of aluminium to guarantee the test tubes an even temperature. We have a wide range of blocks with 75mm depth that are suitable for a variety of specimen containers in the lab.

For safety purposes the heater and solid state thermostat run at low voltage from a step-down transformer.

Digital temperature controller
Temperature range: Ambient to 40 °C
Temperature control: +/-0.25 °C
Temperature set in 0.1 °C steps
Display shows both actual and set temperature
Over/under temperature alarms set by user
Controller size: 127 x 190 x 52 mm high
Power: 100 to 240 V AC.

Description Order Code
Test Tube Warmer Controller LE-060
Test Tube Warmer, 10 X 15ml LE-TTW101
Test Tube Warmer, 4 x 15ml and 4 x 5ml LE-TTW202
Test Tube Warmer, 4 x 50ml and 6 x 15ml LE-TTW303A
Test Tube Warmer, 6 x 50ml LE-TTW303B
Test Tube Warmer, 16 x 5ml LE-TTW404
Test Tube Warmer, 12 x 15ml and 15 x 5ml LE-TTW505
Test Tube Warmer. 6 x 15ml, 6 x 5ml LE-TTW606
Terst Tube Warmer, 8 x 15ml, 8 x 5ml LE-TTW707
Test Tube Warmer, 10 x 15ml LE-TTW808
Test Tube Warmer,12 X 15ml, 4 angled holes LE-TTW909
Test TUbe Warmer, 6 x 5ml (11m dia), 6 x 15ml(12mm dia), LW-TTW039
                            6 X 15ml (17mm dia)  


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