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Dry Block Heater

Dry Block Heater 2015

LEC Dry Block Heater are specifically designed for use in IVF Labs.

We have a variety of heating blocks for test tubes, syringes, petri dishes, 4 well dishes syringes and flasks to suit any applications in the lab.

* For better temperature control, the blocks are 70 mm high (standard blocks are 50 mm high).
* Up to 3 blocks can be heated at a time.
* The heating blocks, which are built from solid aluminium, guarantees even temperatures.
* To monitor the temperature, each heating block contains a hole for the thermometer.
* Over/under temperature alarms.
* Digital temperature controller.
* For safety purposes, a low voltage heating element operates from a step-down transformer.

Temperature range: 20 to 40 oC
Temperature control: +/-0.2 oC
Size: 230L x  165W x 105H mm
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Power: 100 to 240 V AC


Description Order Code
Dry Block Heater LE-DB920
DB401 Tube holder, 12 x 15ml, 70mm deep LE-DB401
DB402 with 1 x syringe holder, 17.5mm diameter LE-DB402
DB402x3 with 3 nos syringe holders, 17.5mm diameter LE-DB402x3
DB403 Flask holder LE-DB403
DB404 Tube holder, 20 x 5ml, 12.2mm diameter LE-DB404
DB406 Tube holder, 3 x 15ml, 9 x 5ml LE-DB406
DB407 Tube holder, 6 x 15ml, 8 x 5ml LE-DB407

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