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LEC 9500 CryoLert 6 Channels Liquid Nitrogen Level Alarm

Cryolert 6channel 2015

The LEC9500 CryoLert has 6 channels for connections to up to 6 cryogenic tanks you to connect to is programmed with many features:

Relay contacts for external alarm

Power failure indicator, with auto reset

Easy installation, 6 channel: bench or wall mounting

LN 2 fill timer disables alarm outputs, prevents false alarms, tank can be disconnected from the system during fill time.

Cryogenic Sensors not included, please order separately and specify length on order.

Inputs: 6 Power: 100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz, 5 W, universal IEC socket Sensor length: Specified by client Extension lead length: Specified by client

Noise level for internal buzzer: 60dB Relay contacts: via 3.5 mm stereo jack socket, change over (N/O or N/C), 100V, 0.5mA Weight: 800 grams

Operating temperature range 0 to 50oC

Description    Order Code
LEC 9500 6 channels CryoLert, complete with 6 cryogenic sensors LE-9500CS
LEC 9500 6 channels CryoLert, LN2 Level Alarm only, without sensor LE-9500
Cryogenic Sensor for LEC9500 LE-6CS
Terminator LE-TM



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